Ko Ryu Ramen – Torrance, CA USA

I went to “Ko Ryu Ramen” when I was in Los Angels.

Ko Ryu Ramen

Address: 24631 Crenshaw Blvd. Torrance, CA 90505

Ordered(For one person):

  • Tofu Salad
  • Ko Ryu Spicy Ramen

Cost(For one person): $18.56

Scoring Based My Preference

I will evaluate in 5 ranks (5-Best, 1-Worst).

Total Evaluation

3.75 points ((3+4+4+4)/4)

Taste…3 points

Good taste, this restaurant is competitive to good quality Japanese Ramen chain stores.

Atmosphere of the Store…4 points

Opens from 11:00 am to night.
I went to this store at 3 pm, not crowded.

Good services.
I might be lucky, but good services.
Large parking space.
This store located at corner of a shopping center, so easy to park a car.

Nothing in my head.

Waiting Time…4 points

Almost no waiting time, they served Salada at first and Ramen second. That was what I expected.

Cost…4 points

Salada $7.00
Ko Ryu Spicy Ramen $9.95
$7.00 + $9.95 = $16.95
$16.95 + $1.61(Tax) = $18.56

$18.56…  Not too cheap, but not too expensive.