KANADA-YA – London, UK

Popular ramen shop, KANADA-YA at London in UK.


Address: 64 St Giles High Street, London WC2H 8LE UK

Ordered(Party of 2):

  • Gekikara Ramen x 2
  • Kaedama x 1
  • Karaage
  • Kirin Beer
  • Uijin Beer

Costs(Party of 2): £47.25

Scoring Based My Preference

I will evaluate in 5 ranks (5-Best, 1-Worst).

Total Evaluation

3.75 points ((5+4+3+3)/4)

Taste…5 points

Very good. If you eat this ramen in Japan, this ramen will still get good reputations. Tonkotsu-ramen with very good quality. I like spicy ramen and even for me, I sweated in eating this, and I really enjoyed it.

Atmosphere of the Store…4 points

Both outside and inside of this ramen shop is clean. The shop staffs are nice and kind. For example, they served hot green tea while we were waiting for our turn.  Once you get in the shop, they are quick to take orders and serve.

Recommended for both men and women. When I visited, there were 19 people in this shop and 14 women and 5 men.

The store is a little bit small, so if you have large boxes it might be a difficult to fit in.
This store has a glass door and some glass windows, so if you sit wrong places, all people who are waiting will see you. You may think that you have to eat quickly because they are staring while you are eating.

Waiting Time…3 points

As taste is good and atmosphere is also good, it is popular in London. Saturday, opens at 17:00, we arrived at 17:40, and we got in the shop at 18:25. Some of couples which were waiting before us gave up. If you do not want to wait for eating ramen, this place may not be recommended.

Cost…3 points

For party of 2, total cost was £47.25. 2 beers, Karaage, Gekikara Ramen x 2, Kaedama x 1.

For me, it is a little bit expensive.